Eutelsat-7WA / Atlantic Bird-7 coverage/footprint maps

EUTELSAT 7 WEST A (ex ATLANTIC BIRD 7) satellite (7 degrees West) coverage/footprint maps.

MENA (Wide) Beam

North-West Africa Beam

Launch updates: 30 August

Preliminary launch dates for the satellites listed below.

ATLANTIC BIRD 7 new launch date: 22 September 2011

INTELSAT-18 new launch date: 5 October 2011

VIASAT-1 new launch date: 15 October 2011

QUETZSAT-1 new launch date: 14 November 2011

SES-4 new launch date: December 2011

Roscosmos gives go for Proton launches

Russian Federal Space Agency concluded the EXPRESS-AM4 investigation and has given a green light for the next Proton launches.

Roscosmos statement published on ILS homepage.

Vinasat-2 launch date

VINASAT 2 preliminary launch date has been anounced as May 2012.

Launch updates: 28 August

YAMAL 402 launch moved in 2012 schedule.

YAMAL 401, EXPRESS AT1 and EXPRESS AT2 launch dates updated.

Satmex-7 and Satmex-8 launch updates

SATMEX 7 communications satellite for Mexico has been added.

SATMEX 8 preliminary launch date has been revised as August 2012.

Arabsat-5C & SES-2 launch time

Ariane-5 flight 204 launch window for ARABSAT 5C and SES 2 satellites is set. Launch will take place between the 84-minute launch window which opens at 21:40 GMT and closing at 23:04 GMT on September 9.

Launch updates: 21 August

TELKOM 3, EXPRESS MD2, EXPRESS AM5, EXPRESS AM6 launch dates updated. Please check schedule charts for further info.

Next Proton launches suspended

Next satellite launches planned with Proton rockets have been suspended due to EXPRESS AM4 launch anomaly. Russian State Comission is working on the reasons of the launch anomaly. New dates will be determined belonging the investigation report of the comission.

New launch date: AMOS-5 & Luch-5A

AMOS 5 and LUCH 5A launch on Proton launcher is scheduled for 30 November 2011 according to manufacturer JSC Reshetnev.

Proton fails to release Express-AM4

Proton Briz-M rocket which lifted off at 21:25 GMT (August 17) has failed to release EXPRESS AM4 satellite into orbit. According to RIA Novosti, contact with Briz-M upper stage ceased around 04:00 GMT on August 18.

Proton lifts-off with Express-AM4

Proton Briz-M carrier has lifted-off Russian EXPRESS AM4 satellite at 21:25 GMT from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. EXPRESS AM4 satellite separation is planned for 06:38 GMT on August 18.

QuetzSat-1 (77° West) coverage/footprint maps

QUETZSAT 1 predicted coverage/footprint maps.

ConUS & Mexico Ku Beam

Launch updates: 12 August

CHINASAT 22B (ZHONGXING 22B) secure communications satellite added to charts.

TUPAC KATARI SAT 1 launch date updated.

Eutelsat-21B coverage/footprint maps

Coverage/footprint maps of EUTELSAT 21B (ex EUTELSAT W6A) satellite at 21.6 degrees East.


North West Africa & West Europe

Middle East & West Asia

Eutelsat 7B (Eutelsat W3D) coverage/footprint maps

EUTELSAT 7B (ex EUTELSAT W3D) (7 degees East) planned coverage/footpritnt maps. European beams excluded.

East Africa & Madagascar

Sub-Saharan Africa

Long March-3B orbits Paksat-1R

Long March-3B satellite carrier successfully launched PAKSAT 1R communications spacecraft for Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Lift-off occured at 16:15 GMT from Xichang Satellite Launch Center, China.

PAKSAT 1R weighed 5115kg at launch and is based on DFH-4 [DongFangHong-4] platform with 18 Ku and 12 C band transponders onboard. PAKSAT 1R will be brought into geosynchronous orbit in next days. After completion of in-orbit tests at 33.5 East it will be stationed on its final orbital position at 38 East. PAKSAT 1R is planned to be in service for 15 years according to info given by China Great Wall Industry Corporation.

See PAKSAT 1R Coverage Maps

Paksat-1R coverage/footprint maps

PAKSAT-1R coverage/footprint maps are published. Many thanks to B.Almughanni for the contribution.

C Band

Ku band

SES 4 launch date: 16 October

Preliminary launch date of SES 4 satellite is 16 October 2011.

Atlantic Bird-7 launch update

ATLANTIC BIRD 7 launch with Zenit-3 launch vehicle has been rescheduled to 22-25 September 2011.

Express-AM4 launch time set

EXPRESS AM4 launch time has been announced by Russian Federal Space Agency (ROSKOSMOS). Russia will launch its new and the heaviest communications satellite ever manufactured at 21:25 GMT on 17 August 2011 from Baikonur Cosmodrome.

Paksat-1R launch on 11 August

Pakistani communications satellite, PAKSAT-1R launch is planned for ~16:00 GMT on 11 August 2011 from Xichang Satellite Launch Center in China.

Intelsat-18 launch slips in October

INTELSAT 18 launch has been delayed to 10 October 2011.

Ariane-5 VA204 launch date: 9 September

Next Ariane-5 mission with ARABSAT 5C and SES 2 satellites is scheduled for 9 September 2011 from Kourou, French Guiana.

Arianespace launches two satellites

Ariane-5 rocket has successfully orbited two communications satellites into geosynchronous transfer orbit. Ariane-5 was lifted off from the Guiana Space Center at 22:52 GMT on August 6. SES owned ASTRA 1N has been released from the launcher 27 minutes after lift off. The second passenger on this mission, Japanese joint-venture satellite BSAT-3C/JCSAT-110R was brought into orbit 10 minutes later.

Ariane-5 VA203 launch mission update

Arianespace decided to fix the new launch date of Ariane-5 with ASTRA 1N & BSAT-3C/JCSAT-110R for tonight.

Launch time: 21:53 GMT - 6 August 2011

Launch can be watched here

Astra 1N coverage & footprint maps!

ASTRA 1N coverage & footprint maps, including newly published Pan-Europe 1 and Pan-Europe 2 beams.

ASTRA 1N Pan Europe 1

ASTRA 1N Pan Europe 2

ASTRA 1N UK Spot Beam

Postponed: Ariane-5 VA203

Tonight's Ariane 5 launch with ASTRA 1N and BSAT-3C/JCSAT-110R has been postponed due to bad weather conditions. New launch date will be announced as soon as possible.

WGS-4 and TDRS-L updates

WGS 4 (Wide Band Global Satellite 4) and TDRS L (Tracking Data Relay Satellite L) launch dates updated.

Amazonas-3 update

AMAZONAS 3 satellite launch date moved to first half of 2013. AMAZONAS 3 will also consist a Ka band payload with 9 spot beams targeting Latin America countries.

JCSAT-13 delay

JCSAT 13 launch previously moved to November 2011 has been delayed to second quarter of 2012.

NigComSat-1R launch update

Launch of NIGCOMSAT 1R satellite is planned for December 2011 according to Nigerian officials.

ILS Proton to launch Inmarsat-5 satellites

International Launch Services and Inmarsat signed contract for launching all three INMARSAT 5 satellites with Proton rockets. Launches will be done in 2013 and 2014. Each satellite will weigh about 6300 kg at launch.